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The seminars for doctoral candidates and practical year students

The seminars for doctoral candidates and practical year students take place every 2 weeks during the semester. For the doctoral students of sports orthopaedics, a platform is offered to present the current status of their studies. Under the direction of Professor Dr. med. Stephan Vogt, recent challenges will be discussed with the other doctoral candidates. The aim is a mutual exchange of information and improvement of the scientific abilities. Beyond the scientific work, clinical abilites and diagnostic imaging techniques will be trained in case studies. Case-related therapy options are subsequently discussed for the respective sport orthopaedic pathologies.

The doctoral colloquium is an academic course and is addressed to particulary interested medical students (especially students in the practical year and students in their clinical elective) after prior registration.

If you are interested, please contact Assoc. professor Dr. med. Andrea Achtnich via Email (please indicate your current stage of training and number of semesters).

The doctoral colloquium closely cooperates with the “AGA students”, the student society of the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery. For further information please see: