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Research & Teaching


Research focus

Our research is focused on clinical outcome studies, biomechanical investigations and basic research. It is centrally coordinated by a consultant surgeon managing the research activity and evaluated twice a year in a departmental steering committee. In addition to a close cooperation with various departments at the Klinikum rechts der Isar (e.g. the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Department of Neurosurgery), we regularly cooperate in an international network of large research institutions. Numerous projects are funded by the German Research Foundation. Prizes for our projects are regularly awarded by different orthopaedic societies (e.g. AGA, ESSKA).


Medical students

Our department is intensively involved in the preclinical and clinical training of medical students of the TUM and LMU medicals schools.

Sports Students

Our Department of Sports Orthopaedics is involved in the academic education of sports students as a member of the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences at the TUM. The following academic courses are held by our department…


Medical internship

Please send us your application for observational visits and internships in the medical field to the office of our chief secretary.

Nursing internships for medical students

Please send your applications for nursing internships for medical students in their pre-clinical training to the nursing managementā€™s office of the ā€œKlinikum rechts der Isarā€.


Please send your applications for internships in (sports-)physiotherapy in our department to the office of the physiotherapy department of Klinikum rechts der Isar (

Clinical electives

Internships in our department can be carried out as part of the doctoral thesis or independently of a doctoral thesis. Due to the high demand, we kindly ask you to supply your application, including your CV, well in advance to the chief secretaryā€™s office by mail or email ( We offer the opportunity to get to know the surgical unit as well as the inpatient and outpatient departments. You will be informed about the placement and timing of rotations into the different units at the beginning of the internship.

More info for the Famulatur year 2023!

Our clinical traineeship places in 2023 are already completely booked.
Regarding the allocation of doctoral theses, please send your request by email to PD Lucca Lacheta, MD.
Thank you very much!

Practical year

Medical students particularly interested in sports orthopaedics can spend parts of their practical year (final year) rotation ā€œOrthopaedicsā€ at our department as a part of an orthopaedic rotation programme.
During the practical year rotation ā€œOrthopaedicsā€ you will rotate between three different departments: ā€œOrthopaedicsā€ (Klinikum rechts der Isar), ā€œSports Orthopaedicsā€ (Klinikum rechts der Isar), ā€œPaediatric Orthopaedicsā€ (Klinikum Schwabing).
The overall organisation of your practical year rotation programme will be coordinated by the ā€œOrthopaedicsā€ department. Nonetheless you can apply directly to our chief secretary by mail or email ( Please provide a cover letter and a motivation letter along with your CV.
For medical students from other medical faculties in Germany and abroad, the regulations of “PJ mobility” apply and must be agreed on with both your respective universities and the Medical Dean’s Office of the TUM. Further information can be found at

Research seminars for doctoral candidates and students in their practical year

The seminar for doctoral candidates, PhD students and students in their practical year is held every two weeks. This seminar offers a platform to doctoral candidates to present the current status of their projects.

Orthopaedic specialty training

The director of the Department of Sports Orthopaedics, Prof. Dr. med. S. Siebenlist, holds an authorisation to provide three-years of medical specialty training in orthopaedics and traumatology (2 years of orthopaedics and traumatology and 1 year of “common trunk”). Assistant doctors in our department rotate between ward and outpatient department with regular days in the operating theatre.

For general information on the specialty training, please consider BLAEK

Doctoral theses

Doctoral thesis at the department of sports orthopaedics

We offer a wide range of sportorthopaedic topics for academic research. Projects for a doctoral thesis include clinical studies, biomechanical experiments and basic research on the musculosceletal system ā€¦