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Sports Science Students

The department of Sports Orthopaedics is a partner member of the faculty for sports- and health science at the Technical University Munich. In this context, we are actively involved in the education of sports science students. The following academic courses are held at our department …

Bachelors’ degree

  • Introduction to traumatology (4th semster)
  • The physical capacity of grown-ups and elderly persons (orthopaedic) (4th semester)

Students of Education

  • Proficiency in health-promotion 1 – functional anatomy (new examination regulations – LPO I) (3rd semester)
  • Biology in sports – Sports medicine (4th semester)

Freelance sports teachers

  • Traumatology and first aid (Biology in sports IV) (4th semester)
  • Internship sports-massage (5th semester)

General information on the sports science studies can be found on the homepage of the faculty for sports science.

Additional information about mentioned lectures can be found on:

TUM School of Education

At the TUM School of Education, we hold the following course in the bachelor’s degree program in health and nursing science:

Orthopaedics – Traumatology – Rheumatology (Pathologies III, 5th semester)