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The department of sports orthopaedicĀ  is located in the Klinikum rechts der Isar on the ground floor of building 524. The associated ward R1a is located directly above the section on the second floor.

The departments appointments are organised at time intervals which ensure a detailed consultation for each patient. Each patient is examined by a junior doctor as well as the senior physician on duty to verify a surgical indication or to initiate an individualized management plan. If necessary, further examinations (X-ray, CT, MRI) are carried out in the radiology department of the hospital or elsewhere on an outpatient basis.

We provide patient-centred-care, where our patientsā€™ symptoms, clinical examination and diagnostic results are explained to them and the available treatment options, including their benefits and drawbacks, are openly discussed. The management plan is then decided upon as a collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

If an operation has been performed, patients are usually invited for a follow-up appointment 6 weeks postoperatively. Further follow-up examinations may take place if required. In addition, if a patient consents to taking part in a scientific study, these examinations are carried out at regular intervals outside of the regular consultation times.

In our department certain clinical presentations are examined and documented according to internationally standardised and validated examination forms. This enables a standardized and comparable postoperative follow-up examination, on the basis of which surgical techniques and implants can be assessed, within the context of our scientific work.

An appointment for a consultation in our outpatients clinic can be made directly by telephoning our reception or may result after referral from a general practitioner or another orthopaedic specialist.

During certain sporting events the outpatients clinic is also open on weekends.

Sports traumatological emergencies can also be treated without an appointment.

Treatment of work-related injuries (D13 report) is initiated by our colleagues of the traumatological department in accident and emergency at the Rechts der Isar hospital. Patients with work-related injuries should present directly to accident and emergency. Injuries that fall within the spectrum of the department of sports orthopaedics can be treated in our clinic within the framework of our internal cooperation. When making an appointment with us, please point out that your injury is the result of an accident insured by the employer’s liability insurance (e.g. accident at work, on the way to/from work or at school).

Outside the emergency consultation hours, emergency treatmentĀ  at the Klinikum rechts der Isar is carried out by the on-call trauma or orthopaedic surgeon.


Department for Sports Orthopaedics
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Phone: +49 (0) 89 4140 – 7830
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