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Ward R1a Sports orthopaedics

Our new ward R1a was opened in January 2013 and is located in the sports house directly above the department of sports orthopaedics. Ward R1a offers 4 two-bed and 5 three-bed rooms equipped to the latest clinical standards.

Daily schedule

The doctors ward rounds, changes of wound dressings and discharges from the hospital occur in the mornings from 7:00 am onwards. Physiotherapy and further examinations if required take place in the afternoons.

Nursing shift handover at 13:30 pm at the patient`s bedside.

Night time rest from 21:45 pm.

Visiting hours

There are no set visiting hours on our wards. We may kindly ask visitors to leave the room for doctors or nurses rounds during the day, especially if there are other patients in the room. Please end your visit by 8:00 pm.


Breakfast: from 7:30 am
Lunch: from 11:45 am
Dinner: 17:00

A balanced and tasty diet is especially important for the body in times of illness. The team in our hospital kitchen support the recovery of our patients with the highest food quality and a wide range of dietary options according to the latest findings of nutritional science.

The kitchen serves three meals a day as well as drinks and snacks between meals. At lunchtime you can choose between three different menus, which are put together according to the principles of modern nutritional science. You can choose between full meals, light meals and a vegetarian menu. There is always a dish without pork on offer. You can individually select and combine your dishes within the medically prescribed framework.

The menu is seasonal and changes every week. For the preparation of the dishes, high quality and wherever possible, fresh ingredients are used. The composition of the meals is based on the current recommendations of the German Society for Nutritional Medicine (DGEM) and the German Society for Nutrition (DGE).

Many of our patients require a special diet due to their illness, intolerances, allergies or religious beliefs. Our kitchen will meet your wishes and needs wherever possible. A diet chef and several state-certified dieticians can prepare individualised meal plans.

Tea, coffee and water are freely available at the patient bar at any time.


The final consultation with the ward physician usually takes place in the course of the morning, during which a detailed discharge letter with a current list of medications and an individual postoperative treatment plan is handed out and any outstanding questions are clarified. The prescription of postoperative medication and physiotherapy is arranged by the general practitioner or the orthopaedic surgeon in the community. Please make an appointment in advance to ensure a smooth transition to outpatient care. It is also advisable to proactively make physiotherapy appointments for the time after discharge. On the wards of the department of sports orthopaedics, patients can also be discharged on weekends.

Ward R1a

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