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Doctoral thesis in the department of Sports Orthopaedics

We offer a wide range of sportorthopaedic topics for academic research. Projects for a doctoral thesis include clinical studies, biomechanical experiments and basic research on the musculosceletal system. The project are usually concepted for a period of 2-3 years. In order to keep the quality of our doctoral theses and the success rates high, we have introduced an application system for doctoral theses in our department. In order to participate in the selection process for a project, the conditions to be fulfilled are the submission of a CV and a one-month clinical elective. In the course of this clinical elective you will be asked to write a case report about an interesting clinical case. This case report will be presented in the seminar for doctoral students. If the case report is well-prepared, there exits the possibility to publish this case.

This procedure gives you the opportunity to get to know our department and to reflect, if you wish to continue in pursuing an academic career in our clinical and scientific context. If this continues to be your wish, we will gladly add you to our list of candidates. If one of the sportorthopaedic research groups generates interesting topic, you will be invited for an assessment and can prove yourself the right candidate for the topic.

In case of further questions, please contact our doctoral officer
Assoc. professor Andrea Achtnich, MD.

Please adress any questions regarding the clinical elective to Mrs. K. Koall (Tel.: 089/4140-7821).