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Medical students

Our department is intensively involved in pre-clinical and clinical training of medical students at the Technical University Munich and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

The following academic courses are offered by our department:

  • Pre-clinical course (Pre-clinical training at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
  • Interdisciplinary performance record 2.3 (Lecture 8 “Bones, soft tissues and skin”) (second year of clinical training)
  • Beside-course “sport orthopaedics” (second year of clinical training)
  • Elective lecture “sports medicine” (in cooperation with the centre for prevention and sports medicine TUM) (second year of clinical training)
  • Practical training “surgery” including the examination of the joints (third year of clinical training)
  • Seminar “surgery” (third year of clinical training)
  • Students at the department and particularly interested medical students/ potential candidates for
    doctoral studies)

You can find more information on all lectures and courses here

Furthermore, our doctors are also involved in the mentoring programme organised by the faculty of medicine at the Technical University Munich.

General information about studying at the Technical University of Munich is provided here: mediTUM, TU-München

More information about the elective course “Sports medicine for medical students”: mediTUM.