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Obituary Philippe Hardy

† Philippe Hardy

Philippe Hardy
† 02.09.2017
A great loss!

Philippe has left us after a serious illness on Saturday, 02.09.2017 Standing in the middle of his life, he has been struggling hard against this disease for the last months. Only 59 years old he had to leave his dear wife Marie-Ellen and his 4 children Victoire, William, Edouard and Alexandre. As a family man he was proud of his wife and children. This affection was always palpable and the happiness and similarities have always accompanied him.

Philippe was one of the first arthroscopists who not only examined a joint, but also the knee and shoulder, and who had studied the anatomy and pathological conditions intensively. He was a seeker who also knew how to question his own technique, always looking for new solutions and also using unconventional methods. In doing so, he always had the patient in mind in order to quickly bring his young athletes back to life and their profession. His techniques were minimally invasive and became more and more elegant, fine and precise. Philippe was not only an excellent doctor and surgeon, but also an excellent teacher who knew how to inspire the youngsters, to enthuse them not only for the subject of orthopedics and sports orthopedics, but especially for arthroscopic surgery.

Philippe was in his mid-30s when he was chosen as one of the youngest orthopedic professors in France. He has been a corresponding member of the AGA since 2002 and countless Fellows have been able to sit in on his lectureship since then. He was Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Chairman of the Orthopaedic Department at Ambroise Paré Hospital and former President of the French Arthroscopy Society (SFA).

Since 1987 I have been able to transfer this fire to the next generations in countless courses, meetings and events. Together these courses were highlights that we will never forget. Be it simple workshop exercises, live operations or simply small talk about current and possible future ideas and techniques. He never forgot to keep the essentials in mind, always focusing on the patient and therefore also training students and assistants who should become better in order to treat future patients better. One of the reasons why the assistants of the AGA and SFA have now spontaneously initiated a Philippe Hardy Assistant Fellowship between the societies at the AGA Congress 2017.

Many have called him the Master of Masters. We all had the opportunity to meet him again and again at our congresses and events in his cheerfulness and to cultivate his friendship. A motivating, cheerful role model, which we should keep in best memory!

Munich, September 10, 2017

Andreas Imhoff